Good Morning Love Of My Life

good morning love of my life

1. The magpie sings for you, the alarm clock rings for you, the chick calls for you, the kitten cats for you, the puppy for you, the lazy bug gets up, the lazy bug gets up. It’s time for class. Good morning love of my life, I’ll tell you. I made breakfast for you, so don’t delay class.

2. Emotional relays accompany your mountains and rivers, and fate and sky accompany you. Bit by bit in life, collecting with you. Having you in your life adds a fond memory. Happy Valentine’s Day!

3. I use my infatuation in exchange for your sincerity; I dedicate my love to my sweetheart; don’t be indifferent to me and always be united with me.

4. you are my dream! You are like a confused dream. I am obsessed for you, crazy for you, and I will melt you with all my love.

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good morning love of my life

5. If it can be transformed into a snowflake, I am willing to gently fall on you and slowly melt and bless quietly. May my gentleness be able to dissolve your fatigue. May my crystal clear your thoughts. Good morning!

6. Loving you with all my heart, never leaving you to accompany you, happy and sweet to own you, caring for you sincerely, loving you until you are old, willing to express your heart and soul. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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7. Goodmorning! Watching the red sun on the horizon pop up again and again, I hope your day is like the red sun just rising!

8. Maybe my smile is not bright enough, but it is enough to clear the haze in winter; maybe my hands are not gentle enough, but it can also wipe away the dust of the world for you! If fate arranges us together, I will cherish you.

9. Life is like a pot of spinach soup. Love is like a bowl of noodles. You are like delicious hand-rolled noodles. The taste is pure and full of vitality. Only with you can you have the richness of love, and only with you can you have life. Happiness and happiness.

10. It is the flashing stars that weave beautiful for the sky, it is the raging waves that add momentum to the sea, it is your walk in that makes me happy, and I leave you with the most beautiful blessings, goodmorning!

11. The dawn of the early morning dawns, and happiness is around you. The sun is shining at noon, and a smile is in your heart. Good morning love of my life.

12. Give you a good morning kiss in the morning and say to you: goodmorning; in the afternoon, hand you a cup of warm milk tea and say to you: good morning; hold you in your arms at midnight and say to you: good night. Dear, I miss you all the time.

13. Leaning on the shoulders of the sun, coquettish in the smell of flowers, beautiful dreams in fairy tales, lying softly in the clouds, warm breakfast, kissing dear you, saying goodmorning.

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14. I don’t know if the moon can represent my heart, but I tell you I really love you! How deep I love you, I ca n’t find a standard to measure, but I assure you that time will testify that I love you forever!

Good Morning Love

15. I love you, but I dare not say, I am afraid to say I will die, I am not afraid to die, I am afraid that after I die, no one will love you as much as I do.

16. I entrust the sun to send you the warmth and blessings of the first rays of sunshine. May you have a good mood all spring, goodmorning!

17. love you, but to have no desire, no difficulty! Love you, but want to sneak up, so tired! I love you, but it breaks my heart! But I was so willing, so stupid!

18. hot water to make tea into a thick nasal spray, due to the temperature; your partner misses the contact into a habit, due to the awkwardness; text messages wish you a happy smile, because of emotions; text message, goodmorning! May you be happy every day!

19. It will be a happy day to receive a blessing in the morning, and a year to receive a blessing in the spring. Now it is the morning and the spring. I give you my blessing and be happy every second.

20. A gentle morning kiss, I hope your day is just like the rising red sun! gud Morning! I hope your mood is like white clouds! goodMorning! Open your eyes and give you a gentle blessing kiss.

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