Good Morning Darling

good morning darling

1. I hold a morning light and gently put it on your bed. May you wake up from your dreams, and your heart will be full of morning serenity and tranquility, that is my good morning for you! Good morning darling!

2. Being able to meet you is the greatest happiness for me. With you, my life becomes infinitely broad, and with you, the world becomes so charming. You are the world and the world is you.

3. You are my only heart. My heartbeat is not for others, but for you. If happiness has a direction, there must be you at the end. goodMorning!

4. When thinking of you, lock the time, the gentle romance, and the divergence of thinking. As the years change, your beauty will not fade out of my sight. Love for you is like the pi, infinite loop, until the day when I grow old. good morning darling.

5. With you, I have one more friendship; I have one more happiness; I have one more memory; And I have one more relationship; Because I am in love with you!

6. It is you who made me understand what love is; It is what you made me understand what is cherish; And It is you who made me understand what is eternity; It is you who made me understand what is giving up; I will always put you in me A corner in my heart! good morning darling.

good morning darling

7. Miss you, there is no reason to just miss you. Where we first met, missed you; in the silent night, missed you; staring online at your no longer flashing avatar, miss you. You left, but you still fill my life!

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Good Morning Darling quotes

8. Give you a rose, it’s the only one in my heart. Only when worn on your chest will it not wither. goodMorning!

9. Write your name in the palm of my hand. I miss you when I spread it out, and I feel happy when I hold it tight. I just want to give you the tenderness of my life holding hands. Good morning darling!

10. Waiting for you with all my heart, I am very happy to have you, love you 100%, I can’t see you for thousands of miles, 100,000 fires sent to you urgently, find you among millions, do n’t lose you, I really miss you!

11, the autumn wind blows away the thoughts, the thoughts fall to my heart, broken into pieces. Every piece has your shadow; every piece has your breath; And every piece spins in my heart. The autumn wind rises and misses you again and loves you. good morning darling.

12. There is a sweet word to love you full, a honey word to love you for thousands of years, a promise to be with you, a vow to love you forever. Our love lasts forever.

13. I didn’t meet you at the best time, but because I was with you, I had the best time. goodMorning!

14. Even if I know that life will not be so easy, but I hope you will be you for the rest of my life. good morning darling!

15. Your smile is the sun and warm me; your tenderness is the water droplets, and it is my pleasure; Since your love is honey and it is sweet to me; your embrace is the harbor and tolerate me. Dear, let me say to you loudly: I love you!

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16. Let me accompany you to drift in the sea, just to be able to be the paddle in your hands, no matter how big the wind and waves, and how thick the wind and rain, you will always be with me.

17. There is no happier thing in the world than she is making trouble, you are laughing, so warm life, ordinary but not mediocre. Good morning darling!

18. I will always be there, even if loneliness opens into the sea; I will always love, even if the scenery is dusty. good morning darling!

19. Love is slow and slow, time is fast. Loneliness is long and long, and life is short. You are in a deep, deep loneliness, waiting for me stupid and stupid!

20. It is fate, let us meet each other and know each other; it is ideal, let us work together and progress together; And it is sincere, let us trust each other, go hand in hand; it is love, let us be interdependent and wait for our lives!

21. dear, goodmorning! Since I have you, I seem to have seen the light in the long darkness, got the clear spring in the boundless desert, and found a flower in the rocks.

22. In the world of love, I have nothing and know nothing. In the emotional station, I hope you are the first visitor and the eternal master, who will accompany me to my life;

23. Regardless of sunny or rainy days, happiness is a good day, regardless of strong winds and small winds, smooth is good wind, regardless of heavy rains and light rain, moisturizers are good rains, no matter whether you are late or late, blessings must be here, good morning darling.