Rainy Morning

rainy morning

1. The dim light in the morning, the mist on the glass of the window sill, I painted a sun with my fingers, opened the window gently, and sent warmth and blessings to you with all my heart. Rainy morning greetings for you.

2. Although it rained for two full nights and one day, this meeting has not stopped. But a new day has begun. Keep up your spirits. Today will surely go well. Come on!

3. Sunflower said that as long as you work hard towards the sun, life will become simple and beautiful. Beginning a good day, I hope you can go up to the sun like a sunflower! goodMorning!

4. Pick the first ray of sunlight in the m0rning and sprinkle it on your face, collect the first ray of breeze in the morning and blow it to your atrium, and send the first blessing on your mobile phone today: friend, goodmorning!

rainy morning

5. I believe that in every morning, when we lift our eyes, m0rning always welcomes us with a magnificent long wind, and when we take a step, the sun will point us to the open roads.

6. The m0rning sun’s sunshine drips into the window, sending you my blessings. Open the phone to view, warm and climb your smile a little bit. You are happy, I am happy. goodMorning!

7. A good day starts not only in the early morning, but also in the morning of the heart. Keep in good condition, let morning be bright and sunny, open to morning freely, and rewind in the new morning. Goodmorning, friend.

Rainy Morning Greetings

8. The blue sky kissed the ocean, and the ocean swayed the blue sky. I wrote my blessing on the blue sky and blue waves. When the sun rises by the sea, my blessing will come to you: Good rainy morning!

9. Friends are like Bluetooth, and they are paired only when needed. Love is like wifi. When the distance is close, it will automatically connect. When the distance is long, it will be disconnected! Remember, good files do n’t rely on Bluetooth to transfer, no matter how good wifi can’t replace the data connection! Remember to keep in touch, don’t let time and distance break everything, the rest is just memories, goodmorning friends!

10. A new day has come, my friend, I invite you to feel the good fortune that Morrowind brings to you. I invite you to exercise and do morning exercises to make your work ** higher. I invite you to enjoy breakfast to inject you. New hard work, I hope your new day is full of energy and energy! Good m0rning, friend!

11. Draw a bright picture, you laugh and bloom; a crazy kiss, you hot summer; golden chrysanthemum fragrance, you golden and shiny; flying snowflakes, you silent winter. To have your seasons is to be beautiful, and to have your time is to be enthusiastic and happy. It is nice to have you and wish you happy to grow old. Good m0rning, may you have a wonderful day!

12. Whether it’s bustling or desolate, don’t be so attached to the scenery you have seen, after all, if you don’t move forward, you have to move forward. m0rning everyone.

Rainy Day Greetings

13. Please laugh with the message bell ringing. My blessing is very lively. Although we are together, there is little, but there is nothing to worry about. I want to tell you gently that you are important to me. !!

14. Life is not always a multiple choice question, but an application question. It requires us to argue bit by bit, the process of choice, and it doesn’t matter if you do it wrong. So don’t be afraid, go ahead! Good rainy morning, friends!

15. Hot water brews tea into a thick nasal spray, due to temperature; your partner misses contact to become a habit, because of simplicity; text messages wish you a happy smile, because of emotions; text message, good m0rning! May you be happy every day!

16. In the early m0rning, all the people were silent, and a hint of light from the eastern horizon, carefully infiltrated the light blue sky, and the new day gradually moved from a distance.

GoodMorning Rain

GoodMorning Rainy Day

Rainy Day Status

17. Every morning, I reminded myself once again that life is short and beautiful, no time to struggle, no time to care, everyone may encounter troublesome things every day, but if the heart does not move, the wind is nothing. If you are not hurt, years are long, may you be sunshine, bright and not sad! good rainy morning!

18. The spring breeze is soft, the spring rain is soft, and the spring is full of spring; And the spring is beautiful, the spring flowers are gorgeous, and the spring is full of people; the spring river is green, the spring waves are dazzling, and the spring is bright. May your life be auspicious and happy in the sunny and sorrowful spring, and you will be full of joy and happiness every day! Goodmorning!

19. The wind blows, expresses my thoughts, the rain drops, infiltrates my concerns, the thunder roars, resonates with all memories, misses you, my friend, no matter where you are, I wish you happy every day , Happiness is unlimited, often contact! Good morning, may you have a wonderful day!