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Twitter is the favorite place for users to share their thoughts, opinions and, of course, the odd meme. And it is that on Twitter it is easy to find a wide range of people and topics; We can find from the latest news to the most funny and bizarre anecdotes and stories, passing through twitter quotes of wit and originality accompanied by images …

If you want to get more followers on Twitter and achieve a profile that is fashionable and includes only the best quotes, from we want to help you by sharing these 120 twitter quotes; short and original Twitter phrases, funny Twitter phrases and tweets that will make you smile … take note!

Short and original Twitter phrases

We start with some short and original twitter quotes so as not to exceed the 280 characters of this social network and leave your mark anyway. Remember that the good, if brief, twice good! I want someone with my values, not with my tastes.

I came for tobacco and I already stayed here.

My biggest show of love for someone is getting up early.

Who likes to get up early? If you do, it’s for good reason … so the person you woke up to may feel lucky. If you want twitter quotes of love or for your friends, this can not miss in the repertoire!

If I were you, I fall in love with me.

What use is life without music?

The sentences short Twitter like this also serve to reflect on your passions. Fall seven times and get up eight. Japanese proverb

What you want to do more beautiful crazy things.

Grandmothers who, before saying your name, name all your cousins.

Smile, tomorrow you might be missing a tooth.

In English: money, in Spanish: money, actually: I don’t have.

Neither you are for so much, nor I for so little.

    If you are not happy without a partner, neither will you be with one. Happiness comes from alcohol, not from people.

Among the funny twitter quotes, this is one of our favorites. Perfect for party people! We already know that, in reality, happiness comes from within each one … but this rogue touch gives the appointment a much-needed humor. I will never steal a Wi-fi signal, it is she who enters my house without permission.

We are a balloon of emotions in a world of pins.

Ugly by birth, handsome thanks to Photoshop.

I am able to give my life for the indicated reason.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein

There are two words that can open all doors for you in this life: Pull and push.

To forgive is to travel to the past and return unscathed.

Mom, I don’t have the messy room, I have it in random order.

I killed the sperm that was in front of me to enter the egg first.

I woke up wanting to go back to sleep another 12 hours.

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Meaningful Messages

Crying over a math problem is another level of suffering.

Happy people don’t have time to bother.

It is always good to have smart and short twitter quotes at hand like this: remember that people who are really comfortable with their lives do not get into the lives of others. They are those who are not satisfied who look for failures in others to feel better with what they have …

Frases para Twitter - La gente feliz no tiene tiempo de estar molestando.

A traveler without observation is a bird without wings. Moslih Eddin Saadi

How nice it is to scratch an eyebrow without fear of erasing it.

Happiness doesn’t need filters.

Carrying a three-week suitcase for two days is a personality and it’s mine.

Kissing your ex is like having a bottle of Coca Cola without gas. The good is over …

When it seems like you can’t take it anymore‚Ķ dessert arrives and you eat it.

I need to find hobbies that do not include my credit card.

Phrases of life for Twitter

We continue with some life phrases for Twitter that will make you laugh and think without the need for long paragraphs … Have you been wanting to discover the best short phrases for Twitter? Keep reading! Sometimes it takes patience to find true happiness. It won’t be fast, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Love your life and you will understand that everything happens at the perfect time.

If you know it is your train, do not wait for it to close its doors, much less let it go.

There are phrases for Twitter about life that teach us such valuable things as this. The opportunities that leave do not return, so it is important not to let them pass, even if fear and panic cover us. If you don’t get it, at least you will have tried … If the world ends, let us be caught asleep so that we dream of what we had in life. Rayden

The photographs contain stories never before told.

I can alone / always could.

We deserve to be made to feel that being the way we are is okay.

When we strive to improve who we are, everything around us becomes better.

Twitter is full of people who think they matter and are wrong.

Never make fun of anyone, life is very wise and will put you in your place.

If I knew that the world was ending tomorrow, today I would still plant a tree.

I am not Google, I mean it by those who search for me when they need anything.

We have already shown you some sarcastic and funny twitter quotes, but this can never be missing. For all those interested who seek you only when it is convenient … give them an appointment like this so that they feel alluded to.

I found the light at the end of the road. Now take my hand and I will lead you to it.

The sun shines everywhere, but some see only their shadows.

Kill your enemies with your triumphs and bury them with your most sincere smiles.

Without boasting anything and without making so much noise, one lives happier.

If you are one of those people who do many favors for others without asking for anything in return, you will never be alone. You will always be surrounded by people asking you for favors.

Pay attention to your surroundings but never take your eyes off your target.

Never forget that the most important power we have is knowledge.

Losing a battle, but not forgetting to win the war.

Success comes to those who are willing to work harder than the rest.

Among the difficulties lies the opportunity. Albert Einstein

Until you know me, don’t judge me, and until we talk, don’t talk about me.

Friendship is like a flower: beautiful but delicate at the same time. If you don’t try hard to keep it, it will wither away.

To underestimate the rest does not improve yours.

I can live without many things but never without your friendship.

I accept your apologies, but I withdraw confidence.

Who does not know how to manage the present, will face the consequences in the future.

When you stop worrying about something happening, that’s when it happens.

Sad Twitter Quotes

Many times we are not in the mood and we like to read quotes from people who are having the same time as us. That is why we have collected these sad twitter quotes, quotes that will show you that everyone can feel lost at some other time … There is nothing between us anymore, but sometimes I get up with the desire that you remember me.

Today I was not happy either, but I smiled a little. That is enough.

Sometimes you expect a lot from someone because you would do a lot for that person.

Betrayal is sad because it never comes from your enemies.

Did I lose friends or open my eyes?

If only I could find a direction, a goal, a dream, my life would have meaning.

A thousand times I tried to fix what I did not break.

Wish I could be more, but I am this.

Sometimes I think that the best days of my life were at your side, other times I wish I had never met you.

There is nothing more painful than saying hello, when I would like to say I love you.

Sometimes sadness doesn’t need reason or reason, sometimes it’s just there when you wake up.

No one except pain knows who we really are.

I love you like always and I miss you like never.

I would show you off, but I don’t have you.

The saddest thing is to get used to sadness.

There is a void in me and I can’t find a way to fill it.

I have wasted illusions of a new life with you.

Small sadnesses make us complain, but big ones leave us speechless.

Memories will only be memories. Life goes on.

Psychologically, the worst feeling is not knowing whether to wait or give up.

Tears are the pain that words cannot explain.

The most used excuse for not saying that you are sad is saying that you are tired.

Stop thinking so much, you are breaking your own heart.

How sad it is to know that the sadder you feel, the more alone you are.

Sometimes we dedicate insomnia to someone who has already fallen asleep.

It is not worth worrying about those people who do not lift a finger for us. The sentences for tweeting original as this express it perfectly and in a nutshell … It is sad that after having spent so much together, now we don’t even say hi.

He who does not value life does not deserve it. Leonardo da Vinci

What a pity that it is the people who change and the memories that remain.

Twitter Quotes of love and joy

If you have been wanting more short and original phrases for Twitter, in this selection you will find some perfect words to dedicate to that special person. We offer you the best Twitter phrases of love and cool phrases for Twitter full of joy … let’s go there! Show me your desire and I’ll play it one more time.

If you have trouble quitting alcohol, or know someone who wants to quit, know that they can drop it at my house.

Damn loitering get out of this studious and hardworking body.

Only we know what we need.

I went to the gym to do weights, but they were already made and I had a waffle.

If they paid me to remember you, it would be poor because I already forgot you.

If it’s not you, nobody.

Foolishness is infinitely more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has its limits, foolishness do not.

The human brain is capable of reminding you that you forget something, but it is so bastard that it doesn’t tell you what.

I do not suffer from madness … I enjoy it every minute.

I like what I see, but I know that what I don’t see I like even more.

If you are looking for Twitter phrases of love, this is as mysterious and beautiful as it is honest … it is a hint that will intrigue your followers, so it is a great option.

Patience is a tree with a bitter root, but with very sweet fruits.

To mature is to drink alcohol for pleasure and not for someone.

I don’t know if I do the right thing or the wrong thing. I only know that I do my best to be happy.

How beautiful my world now that you light it up.

I tried to be normal once and it was the worst 30 seconds of my life.

After certain hells, not just any demon burns us.

The bad thing about life is that time flies … the good thing is that you are the pilot.

Happiness? Happiness is turning the pillow over and continuing to sleep.

Politicians and diapers have to be changed often … and for the same reasons.

The world hurts less if I look at you.

When there is a desire, there are no excuses.

If it is not for love, it is for vice. I don’t care anymore.

If I learned something from Mario Bros, it is that if you find money lying on the street, it is yours!

My husband and I were happy for 24 years, then we met.

I didn’t trip over you, I hit a wall.

You are my favorite follower and you know it.

Never give your heart to those who only want skin …

If you have to sleep, you fall asleep. And if you have to study, you sleep too.

See a roach and scream like it’s a serial killer.

Making love is also laughing together.

Hi. I am your mobile. I have a low battery but I make a thousand different lights and noises to warn you … and so I spend more battery.

The worst thing about life is that love passes first.

If there is another life, let me also spend it at your side.

We end with one of the most beautiful Twitter phrases there is, and that is that when you love someone for real, life at your side falls short.

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