What To Do When People Make Fun Of You

What to do when people make fun of you? Mockery or criticism is born of internal frustration and that is why we try to disqualify the other. To begin with, you have to be very clear that the problem is not with the person who is the victim of a mockery but with the person who makes the mockery. And you can tell me… but the person who is insulted also has a problem because he is being attacked. ERROR! The person will be attacked as long as they give value to those words, ridicule and/or aggression.

It is true that we would all like to feel loved by our entire environment, but that is not always the case and be clear that if a person loves you it is because in turn they value and love themselves and that is why they will never insult you or he will cruelly mock you.

It is important to understand what or are the reasons why a person falls into the need to make fun of someone and it can be for three reasons:

  1. Because they project all their frustration and / or resentment on what they see.
  2. Because that way they can feel superior. (Deep down they know each other inferior)
  3. To be funny and / or get attention.

“Mockery and ridicule are, among all insults, the least forgiven”  -Platon

Although it seems difficult, you have the freedom to decide and choose how to take and feel the offenses or ridicule of someone else. Here are some ideas of what you can do if someone makes fun of you:

1. Compliment: if the person disqualifies you, reply with a compliment. If he says you are an idiot, you tell him that he is very intelligent. Every abuser has an internal wound, and tries to be superior so that they do not hurt him.
2. Use humor: When you are disqualified, accept it with humor. It is a way out not to get hooked. -You are an idiot, -of course and you are very intelligent that you already realized.
3. Teach him how you want to be treated. If you live with the person who teases or mistreats or you cannot avoid them, then at some point you can talk to them alone and explain how you like to be treated.

Probably the person continues to make fun of them, so they must be treated with compassion since those who make fun of others are surely because they have very deep wounds of inferiority, lack of affection, psychological abuse and/or mistreatment in their life stories and they have not known to heal them.

What To Do When People Make Fun Of You

If you are one of those who mocks or criticizes others, it is an opportunity to heal wounds that you may not have been aware of. Making fun is not the same as being funny because by making fun we are denigrating another, to be funny you need ingenuity and creativity without using aggression towards other people.

If you have been teased by others and it has affected you, this is a good opportunity to review the issue and work on your self-esteem but also think that you have the freedom to choose what to do with that criticism. Do not give anyone the right to affect your feelings, always remembering what you are worth as a person and reaffirming all the positive that you find in yourself.

5 techniques for dealing with laughing at you

How many times have you felt that you have been teased? Teasing is something that almost all of us have been through and that, at times, has plunged us into real self-esteem problems.

We have also made fun of other people, but when it happens to us we feel it more or worse. We must learn not to make fun of anyone and also to defend ourselves from the ridicules that are directed towards us.

“Mockery and ridicule are, among all injuries, the least forgiven”


When someone makes fun of us, we do not respond or act in the way we should, something that today is going to change. Learn to cope with teasing!

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1. I acknowledge my mistakes, but I don’t humiliate myself

Teasing arises, sometimes, because we have made a mistake and that is something that people do not accept and make fun of. Human mistakes that we all make, but that we keep making fun of.

In our society we have been taught that making mistakes is humiliating, something that we must avoid at all costs because it denigrates us, makes us feel weak and humiliates us in front of others.

We must learn not to feel humiliated by it, to say “yes, I have made a mistake” but without humiliating you, but by looking at it as an opportunity to learn something new.

Because, ultimately, that’s what mistakes are. Opportunities for growth and learning. Don’t mistake this for shame. It has nothing to do with it.

2. I do not give importance to the comments

We always tend to give too much importance to what others think about ourselves. We take care of our image, our actions and still they judge and make fun of us!

People’s comments can have very different objectives, but the important thing is that you do not give them the importance they do not deserve. Many comments will come from people who neither go nor come to you. Learn to ignore them!

“Almost always the mockery argues poverty of spirit”

-Jean de la Bruyere-

3. I’m not going to try to win you

A mistake that many times we make before people who make fun of us is to try to win them over, to make us their friends in order to stop the teasing that annoys us so much.

This is a very serious mistake. Make friends with your worst enemy? Do not fall for this, you will not be comfortable and you will actually find yourself pretending.

You will not be his friend and your desire to win him is only to avoid an evil that he causes you. Don’t you think it’s a bit of a coward? You are trying to choose the way that you consider easiest.

Learn to speak your mind, ignore that person, walk away, and confront him if necessary . You don’t deserve to be made fun of by anyone. Think that with this you will learn to see your mistakes differently and that is positive!

4. Today I will laugh at my mistakes

As we’ve already mentioned, we are embarrassed by mistakes, but why don’t we try to learn from them? This will help us to mature, grow and be better people.

Start to think of mistakes as normal in the learning process and look indifferent at those who laugh at your mistakes. They will already learn to accept them and to know that they are good, how they are being good for your development and for the achievement of your goals.

“A life full of mistakes is not only more honorable, it is wiser than a life spent doing nothing”

-George Bernard Shaw-

5. I will preserve and protect my good humor

A smile will always be the solution to any problem. Learning to laugh at yourself is a very healthy step to prevent others from laughing at yourself.

Getting blue, angry, or letting other people’s words and teasing affect us will only make us empower those people.

It is difficult at times to keep a good face, but we must strive for it . Who knows you better than you? Others may laugh at you, but what they don’t know is that you are already laughing at yourself.

With this, you will see how you can look with different eyes all the comments and jokes that may be directed at you. Don’t let them affect you, don’t let them humiliate you. You are strong. You are yourself.

“Smile that everyone knows today that you are much stronger than yesterday”